Dead Souls: Moldova's Zombie Voters

It’s a grave matter. About 2.8 million Moldovans are listed on the official electoral roll for the country’s Oct. 30 presidential election. But Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) partner RISE Moldova has found that many approved voters have already departed this earth.

Islam Karimov Ufa

Uzbekistan: After Karimov, A Struggle for the Spoils

On Sept. 2, Uzbek authorities confirmed the death of President Islam Karimov, the strongman who ruled the country for 25 years. The announcement came after nearly a week of official denials of media reports of his passing, reflecting the secretive nature of the Central Asian country.


What made a Serbian Judge Quit?

Vladimir Vucinic (Photo:KRIK)Vladimir Vucinic, a former judge of Serbia's Special Court for tackling organized crime, has decided to quit. He has presided over some of the biggest organized crime trials in Serbia.


The Long Trial of the Balkan 'Cocaine King'

Darko Saric at court (photo:KRIK)Balkan drug lord is no stranger to courtrooms in Serbia. Stories on his ongoing trials have been published on the front pages of Serbian news portals for the past few years, catapulting the once-obscure organized crime figure into one of the most talked-about "persons of interest" in Serbia.