Was A Call Against Censorship Censored?

The Bulgarian-based OCCRP partner Bivol against "unacceptable censorship and lack of transparency," which occurred at the World Forum for Democracy--of all places.

Is the UMH Media Exodus Continuing?

Ukrainian multimedia conglomerate UMH Group may be continuing to bleed reporters.  Less than three weeks after , a subsidiary of UMH, rumors of two dozen staff members departing from Korrespondent magazine have surfaced.

EU Citizenship: On Sale Now

By Ana Baric

In the market for citizenship in the European Union (EU)? It’s now up for sale at a mere US$877,000.


A Softer Side to Smuggling

Smuggling doesn't always involve drugs, weapons, or people sold into slavery. Sometimes there's a lighter side to getting objects where customs agents don't want them, and sometimes a smuggler is just a devoted pet owner.