YanukovychLeaks: After the Ousting, A Festival

By Ana Baric

It’s been three months since ex-president Viktor Yanukovych fled in the dead of night, after a last, desperate attempt to cover his tracks by destroying documents.

It’s not going to be that easy, Mr. President.


Bosnia: YanukovychLeaks Stars at Point Conference

By: Medina Malagic

that opened in Sarajevo Thursday, investigative journalist Anna Babinets told a rapt audience how a team of journalists recovered and analyzed more than 20,000 documents former President Viktor Yanukovych had hoped to hide.

The Point conference continues today at Art Cinema Kriterion.


A Slimy Situation: Flood Victims in Bosnia Say They Fear Aid Fraud

By Ana Baric

Maglaj, a town of 27,000 in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been one of the hardest hit in the recent floods that have devastated Bosnia and Serbia.

Last week’s torrential rains were the heaviest in the region’s recorded history, with three months’ worth of rain falling in three days. , the floods triggered more than 3,000 landslides across the Balkans, in some cases displacing land mines left over from the 1992-‘95 war. 

More than 40 have died because of the natural disaster, and 500,000 have been evacuated or left their homes.

If circumstances weren’t difficult enough, flood victims worry that unscrupulous people are taking advantage of the natural disaster to fatten their own pockets.