Cegar Dubrovnik

Violent Threats Against Journalists Point to Lingering Impunity in Bosnian Police

A senior police official in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina threatened to rip a journalist’s throat out. Widely hailed as a war hero, Zoran Čegar has spent years in top positions despite repeated scandals, pointing to a pervasive culture of impunity.

Barely restrained by his own lawyer, Čegar lunges at a CIN journalist outside Dubrovnik’s Municipal Courthouse. (Photo: CIN)

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Opinion: Kyrgyzstan’s Move to Block Radio Azattyk Is a Sign of Trouble — For the Government

On October 26, Kyrgyz authorities blocked the website of Radio Azattyk, the Kyrgyz branch of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, for a period of two months. The reason was a story about new clashes on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border, in which dozens of people died and thousands were forced to temporarily evacuate. Two days ago, Azattyk’s bank accounts were also frozen without clear explanation — by order of the Kyrgyz secret police, Azattyk’s management learned.

A Radio Azattyk reporter covers a protest against corruption in the Kyrgyz customs service in Bishkek in December 2019. (Photo: Gulzhan Turdubayeva/Radio Azattyk)

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The Demise of a Vietnamese Wildlife Kingpin

Take a deep dive into how undercover investigators helped law enforcement to bring down one of the top players in Vietnam's wildlife trafficking underworld.

(Photo: Wildlife Justice Commission)