Dom and Caboco

The Last Investigation of the Journalist Who Wanted to Save the Amazon

On June 5, 2022, British journalist Dom Phillips and his Brazilian guide Bruno Pereira disappeared in Brazil’s Javari Valley, in the Amazon. Reporters investigated the illegal fishing gangs thought to be behind their deaths.

Dom Phillips photographed by Bruno Pereira, two days before their murder, as he speaks with “Caboco,” an illegal fisherman from the Javari Valley in the Amazon. (Photo: TV Globo/Globoplay)

English High Court

P&ID Scandal: Insiders from Shell Company Embroiled in $11-Billion Corruption Case Admit Misconduct

The co-founder of an offshore firm that won a controversial $6.6 billion arbitration award after arguing that Nigeria failed to fulfill an energy contract has admitted in a London court that the company and its affiliates had previously engaged in financial misconduct and deception –– including unexplained payments to senior officials, and falsifying invoices.

At the English High Court, P&ID insiders recognized acts of deception and financial misconduct stretching over close to two decades of business activities in Nigeria. (Photo: Michael Heath/Alamy Stock Photo)