OCCRP and Google Ideas Host Inaugural London “Investigathon”

The power of technology and journalism were put on display on July 14 in London. OCCRP, in partnership with Google Ideas, brought together nearly one hundred journalists, programmers, researchers and others in a day-long “Investigathon.”  The event was both a seminar in new investigative research tools and a group investigation into UK-based company’s potential involvement in billions of dollars in money laundering activities. Scott Carpenter, deputy director of Google Ideas, opened the event.


YanukovychLeaks: After the Ousting, A Festival

By Ana Baric

It’s been three months since ex-president Viktor Yanukovych fled in the dead of night, after a last, desperate attempt to cover his tracks by destroying documents.

It’s not going to be that easy, Mr. President.


Bosnia: YanukovychLeaks Stars at Point Conference

By: Medina Malagic

that opened in Sarajevo Thursday, investigative journalist Anna Babinets told a rapt audience how a team of journalists recovered and analyzed more than 20,000 documents former President Viktor Yanukovych had hoped to hide.

The Point conference continues today at Art Cinema Kriterion.