Islam Karimov Ufa

Uzbekistan: After Karimov, A Struggle for the Spoils

On Sept. 2, Uzbek authorities confirmed the death of President Islam Karimov, the strongman who ruled the country for 25 years. The announcement came after nearly a week of official denials of media reports of his passing, reflecting the secretive nature of the Central Asian country.


Macedonia's Snap Election: The Tale of Two Skopjes

OCCRP takes a look at the reasons behind recent turmoil in Macedonia.

Picture the scene. A mass of people sprawl around the base of a stage. Bare-armed, they sit, stand, drink from water bottles in the lazy heat. It's May 19th.

Young men play soccer at the side of the crowd. A band plays Bob Marley's Redemption Song; as it comes to an end, the audience begins to chant. "Without justice, there is no peace!"

They demand the resignation of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, a man accused of corruption – including an allegation that he illegally wiretapped 20,000 of his own citizens.