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Documents About IBCS


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_1.pdf - JTI intelligence report documenting sale of 272 cases of Winston to accused smuggler Jalat Khan.


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_2.pdf - Documents responding to two JTI distributors caught smuggling. The letters talk about JTI’s “strong relatonship” with IBCS and said correspondence must be worded in “such a way it can be that it can be disclosed to OLAF,” Europe’s regulatory body.


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_3.pdf - Includes history of Audeh/IBCS, notes there are few public stories of alleged company smuggling of late, and includes invoices of IBCS sales to alleged smuggler Jalat Khan.


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_4.pdf - An internal timeline generated by former head of Brand Integrity Dave Reynolds documenting what he told executives were specific examples of smuggling by JTI distributors.


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_5.pdf - A World Health Organization Report outlining worldwide smuggling routes, with extensive reports on IBCS, JTI’s Jordanian partner since 2001.


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_6.pdf - An internal memo outlining what a former JTI vice president called proof of senior executives blocking investigations of IBCS and the Audeh Group.


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_7.pdf - Letter from JTI to distributor IBCS outlining instance of smuggling, detailing a fine and warning of further repercussions should smuggling continue.


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_8.pdf - Bill of Lading for sale of cigarettes from IBCS to Syria Duty Free days after international sanctions were imposed on purported Duty Free owner Rami Makhlouf.


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_9.pdf - Invoice for sales from IBCS to accused smuggler Jalat Khan.


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_10.pdf - European Commission lawsuit filed against RJR Reynolds, accusing the tobacco maker of smuggling and money laundering. The Audeh Group, owners of IBCS, was named in the lawsuit, which was dismissed by a U.S. District Judge in 2002, citing jurisdictional problems.


OCCRP_JTIIBCS_11.pdf - Invoices of tobacco sales to Afghan investigators allege to be illegally diverted.

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John Richardson Ltd. Documents


OCCRP_JTIISRAEL_1.pdf - Letter from former Vice President Dave Reynolds outlining what he called a series of smuggling episodes involving Japan Tobacco partners and distributors. He cites Richardson as an example of a repeat smuggler which faced no long term consequences.


OCCRP_JTIISRAEL_2.pdf - Detailed JTI intelligence reports and correspondents outlining what investigators call examples of chronic smuggling by JTI’s Israeli distributor to Belgium and other spots in Europe. John Richardson Ltd. admitted to smuggling, the documents show.

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Allegations of Obstruction

This section includes e-mails, memorandums and other correspondence surrounding allegations that JTI executives deliberately protected smuggling. Also included are a series of JTI documents detailing the extensive anti-smuggling operations by a team of JTI investigators. The investigators say they were fired because of the successes outlined in the company documents.


OCCRP_JTIOBSTRUCTION_1.pdf - This is a series of e-mails, executive orders and internal memorandums stemming from a list of 13 names of JTI employees or distributors suspected of working with tobacco smuggling rings. The e-mails include orders to end an internal investigation and purge the company database of all information relating to the names.


OCCRP_JTIOBSTRUCTION_2.pdf - An internal memorandum based on a secretly taped telephone conversation in which a JTI executive is said to have concerns because a company vice president intervened and ordered a halt to investigations of company distributors in the Middle East.


OCCRP_JTIOBSTRUCTION_3.pdf - A list of investigations, tips, seizures and other information passed from JTI’s former investigative team to law enforcement and regulatory agencies worldwide.


OCCRP_JTIOBSTRUCTION_4.pdf - Internal documents outlining former investigative unit’s anti-smuggling operations. The documents provide a broad, extremely detailed view of the state of smuggling and counterfeiting worldwide.


OCCRP_JTIOBSTRUCTION_5.pdf - Internal reports showing extensive smuggling operations in the Balkans, Romania and Western Europe. Documents include a seizure of 17 cases of Memphis cigarettes hidden in a Serbian vehicle with diplomatic plates.


OCCRP_JTIOBSTRUCTION_6.pdf - Jan. 6, 2010 Smuggling report providing details of smuggling operations and JTI efforts to combat them.

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JTI Greece


OCCRP_JTIGREECE_1.pdf - These documents outline large scale and allegedly illegal “gray market” sales of several brands through Turkey, Greece and Iraq, including Winston and Camel. The documents also discuss shipments to Duty Free Shops and companies accused of smuggling to Montenego, Serbia, Romania, and in one instance, the United Kingdom.


OCCRP_JTIGREECE_2.pdf - This document, titled “Dawn Raid During Unexpected Tax Audit,” was created by JTI lawyers and describes a Greek government look at JTI and its distributors before a merger.


OCCRP_JTIGREECE_3.pdf - Emails and internal documents outline correspondence between JTI senior investigative team and a private investigative team hired to look into potential smuggling in Greece and the Middle East. The documents provide a glimpse at intelligence gathered by informants inside JTI distributors and related companies.


OCCRP_JTIGREECE_4.pdf - These March 13, 2010 documents outline large scale and regular shipments of JTI cigarettes to a firm accused of smuggling. The records say that the company receives the shipments, on average, every two months, and that the firm is currently a target of OLAF investigations. The investigators who reported this were fired one month later.


OCCRP_JTIGREECE_5.pdf - Correspondence between JTI and one of its private investigative firms outline information from sources within accused smugglers. Included is an order for 150 million individual cigarettes stamped with English health warnings and “Made in the United Kingdom”.

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