Allegedly Fixed and Suspicious Matches

The following information was compiled from court testimony and reports of the Georgian Football Federation investigating allegations of match fixing between 2014 and 2016.


2014 and 2015

Betlemi Qeda vs. Mertskhali Ozurgeti
The bet — More than 1.5 goals would be scored in the first half and more than 4.5 goals would be scored in the match.
Final result – 8-0 win for Betlemi
Amount of money bet – US$1,945.02
Amount of money won – $2,359

On Dec. 4, 2014, undercover agent Giorgi Ghelaghutashvili, former Georgian player David Gendzekhadze, and gamblers Giorgi Kukhalashvili and Ioseb Gioshvili met in a Tbilisi apartment. “A couple of minutes before the match began, I was told that five or more goals will be scored,” Ghelaghutashvili testified.

“I opened an account I created at and Gioshvili bet that 1.5 or more goals would be scored in the first half. Then Gioshvili bet that more than 4.5 goals would be scored in the match. Overall, Gioshvili bet $1,945.02. The money I put in the account was given to me by the (Anti-Corruption) Agency.”

Ghelaghutashvili testified that it became obvious that others knew this match was fixed: “Some of the players told others, and so much money was bet that the gambling site would only let us bet $1,945."

“Gendzekhadze, Kukhalashvili and Gioshvili told me to give the players only $1,000 from the money we won, instead of $2,000 as had been agreed. As for the remaining $1,359, I suggested the four of us divide it equally.”

Lazika Zugdidi vs Chkherimela
The bet – No more than 2 goals will be scored
Final result – 2-0 win for Lazika Zugdidi
Amount of money bet – $7,532
Amount of money won – $14,125

According to court documents, alleged fixer Gendzekhadze, gambler Gioshvili, a computer gambler named Omar Nakaidze, and former FC Kutaisi Torpedo player Giga Burjanadze contacted the undercover agent and told him that a match in the western Georgian town of Zugdidi on March 23, 2015, was fixed.

On the day of the match, this group used money in Ghelaghutashvili’s and Nakaidze’s betting accounts and won $14,125 by allegedly changing a bribe in the middle of the game.

The process of betting on this match was described by the undercover agent: “On March 23 I went to Nakaidze’s house at noon. Gioshvili came a bit later. As the match started, somebody somewhere began to bet a huge amount of money. A total of $95,000 was bet that more than 2.5 goals would be scored in the game. That brought the odds way down. When a goal was scored in the 22nd minute, Nakaidze decided that we should bet on fewer than 2.5 goals, because those odds were high. Nakaidze called Burjanadze at the stadium and said that we would pay (the players) 10,000 lari (about $4,400). Burjanadze told Nakaidze that we had to add another 3,000 lari (about $1,330). Burjanadze said this money was needed to give to the Lazika players.

“Then I spoke with Burjanadze and agreed to pay a total of 13,000 lari (about $5,730) if no more than two goals would be scored in the match. If that did not happen, he would have to pay 26,000 lari (about $11,460). He agreed."

Lazika won, 2-0. The undercover agent testified that he and Nakaidze won approximately $14,000 betting during the match using two accounts.

According to the prosecutor's report: “During the match they had their representative at the stadium. He was in touch with members of this criminal group who were doing the betting. With a prearranged signal such as standing up from his seat, he was giving a sign (to the teams) that a goal should be scored. If he stood up a second time, a second goal should be scored.”

STU Tbilisi vs. Chkherimela
The bet – STU Tbilisi wins
Final result – 3-0 win for STU Tbilisi
Amount of money bet – No bet was made
Amount of money won – No money was won

According to testimony from the undercover agent: “FC STU Tbilisi president Otar Shengelia told me that he spoke with representatives of FC Chkherimela and they agreed to fix the game for 10,000 lari (about $4,400). However, they hadn’t decided the exact bet.

"I told Shengelia that if his team won by any score I would pay 12,000 lari (about $5,330). Shengelia called me 30 minutes before the match and told me the final agreement with FC Chkherimela had been reached and FC STU Tbilisi would win the match.”

STU Tbilisi won 3-0. But according to the undercover agent, no bets were made on this match. He said his bosses instead told him to give Shengelia 5,000 lari (about $2,200). Shengelia's lawyer concedes his client took the money.



Kolkheti Khobi vs. Betlemi Qeda
Final result -- 4-1 win for Kolkheti Khobi
Additional information not available
Date - May 10, 2016

After studying a videotape of the game, the Division of Sports Fairness banned for life four players and an assistant manager for Betlemi Qeda, relegated the club to the lowest division, and fined the club about $22,000.

Merani Martvili vs. Rustavi
The bets – Merani wins and more than 2.5 goals scored
Final result -- 2-1 win for Merani Martvili
Date – Sept. 8, 2016

According to the UEFA report, an unusual number of bets were placed during the match for Merani to win and for more than 2.5 goals to be scored. Merani scored goals in the 29th and 63rd minute. Rustavi scored its goal in the 45th minute.

The result of the match was nullified and both teams were awarded a 0-3 loss. Six points were deducted from both teams. Both teams were fined 10,000 lari (about $4,350)

Imereti Khoni vs. Mark Stars
The bet -- At least 5 goals to be scored
Final result -- 3-2 win for Imereti Khoni
Date – Oct. 10, 2016

According to the UEFA report, a minimum of 5 goals had to be scored. A bet was also made on a late fifth goal. Imereti was fined 10,000 lari (about $4,350) and 6 points were deducted from its point total in team standings. Mark Stars had 3 points deducted.

Kolkheti Khobi vs. Chkherimela
The bets -- According to the UEFA report, Chkherimela had to lose by at least 2 goals. Kolkheti Khobi could allow no goals.
The result -- 3-0 victory for Kolkheti Khobi
Date -- Oct. 10, 2016

Chkherimela vs, Samgurali
The bets -- Chkherimela had to be behind by at least 2 goals at halftime. At least 4 goals had to be scored in the match.
The result -- 6-1 win for Samgurali
Date – Oct. 14, 2016

After appearing in the UEFA report for the second time, Chkherimela was fined 10,000 lari (about $4,350) and banned from competition. The club has since been dissolved.

Imereti Khoni vs. Liakhvi
The bets -- At least 5 goals had to be scored. Bets were made on late 5th and 6th goals.
The result -- 5-1 win for Imereti Khoni
Date – Nov. 8, 2016

The result of the match was nullified. After appearing in the UEFA report a second time along with other suspicions, Imereti Khoni was banned from competition in 2017. Team manager Soso Chakvetadze was banned from football-related activities for life. FC Liakhvi was fined 10,000 lari (about $4,350) and 6 points were deducted from the team’s standing.

Odishi 1919 vs. Wit Georgia
The result -- 3-2 win for Wit Georgia
Date – Nov. 17, 2016

Based on a UEFA report, Odishi 1919 had 6 points deducted from team standing and was fined 10,000 lari (about $4,350) for possible manipulation of match result.