Paper Division

“Paper Division” is a project to restore destroyed documents by volunteers. The project started in March 2013 after journalists found five bin bags, stuffed with shredded papers, in the office of the former director of Mezhyhirya administration.

The idea to scan the shreds to preserve them in electronic form was supported by dozens of volunteers. But after three days of scanning, Hubs journalist Sevgil Musayeva found some 40 more bags full of destroyed documents outside the offices of VETEK.

VETEK is a holding that belongs to Serhiy Kurchenko, who is undoubtedly one of the greatest scammers of the last few years.

Along with his patrons who held high offices, he is accused of contraband, financial fraud, seizures of property which caused billions hryvnias worth of damages to Ukraine.

From the moment these shreds were found, the main task of the “Paper Division” project was to collect, restore and analyze the VETEK documents. After this analysis, the documents are published on YanukovychLeaks site.

Over 300 people have taken part in this project since the beginning. Programmers helped us with software to restore the fragments, while FBI specialists taught them how to analyse and restore those valuable papers.

Currently, most of the work is taking place in an office in Podil district of Kyiv, which were were allowed to use for free. If you would like to help us – and be the first ones to see the secret documents that prove massive corruption – call (067) 931 00 46, (050) 734 43 17.

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