Credit: OCCRP

View Here: Leaked Documents on Russian and Serbian Spy Games in Macedonia

On June 4, OCCRP and partners reported on Russian and Serbian intelligence efforts to meddle in Macedonia. Here, we release the leaked documents from the country’s Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UMK) that formed the basis of the story. We have redacted the details of people not named in our story as well as other identifying information.

Profile by Macedonian counterintelligence of the activities of Serbian intelligence agent Goran Živaljević in Macedonia.

Annex list by Macedonian counterintelligence of articles and media appearances by Miroslav Lazanski.

Macedonian counterintelligence briefing on Russian intelligence activities in the country.

Report on a meeting between Macedonian foreign ministry official Nenad Kolev and Russian Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak.

Macedonian counterintelligence report on MP Ivan Stoilković.

Macedonian counterintelligence analysis on Serbian intelligence agent Goran Živaljević in Macedonia.

Wiretapping transcript of conversations between Goran Živaljević and Ivan Stoilković.

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