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Nebojša Ivković


Nebojša Ivković is a Serbian businessman linked to the suspicious privatization of Šinvoz, a railway vehicle company, which was investigated by the country’s Anti-Corruption Council as part of a larger probe into 24 troubled privatizations.

Though the council found in 2008 that Ivković had deliberately pushed Šinvoz into bankruptcy, he remained in control of the company after a complicated restructuring.

Leaked Maltese registry documents show that Ivković partnered with figures suspected of ties to international organized crime. His partner in two Maltese companies is Pavol Miškov, a Slovakian national and close associate of former Slovakian Minister of Transport, Communications and Public Works Alexander Rezeš.

Miškov was arrested in the Canary Islands in 2013 over the 2012 sale of hotels in Slovakia’s Tatra mountains to a company reportedly tied to an Italian organized crime group charged with drug trafficking, according to reporters from the Investigative Reporting Project Italy and the Czech Center for Investigative Journalism. Miškov, who was released soon afterwards, denied the allegations and said that the arrest had been based on a mistake.

The two Maltese companies, Kinning Holdings Limited and Lontana Holdings Limited, were merged in March 2016. Financial statements show Lontana made a profit of over €590,000 in 2016 and a loss of €30,000 the year before. The company owns four hotels on the Croatian island of Krk.

Multiple attempts to reach Ivković via his Serbian company, TTC Logistic, were unsuccessful.

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