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Bogdan Rodić


Bogdan Rodić is a Serbian businessman linked to Darko Šarić, a drug-trafficking boss currently on trial for international drug smuggling and money laundering.

The Rodić family were former owners of the Roda retail chain and Serbia’s MB brewery. They sold their stakes in both to international chains a decade ago.

In 2010, a Šarić associate, then under police investigation, transferred ownership of an agricultural firm implicated in money laundering to Rodić, a move that prevented the state from seizing its assets.

Rodić also participated in the privatization of Zmaj, a maker of farm equipment, together with Zoran Ćopić, a businessman who was later convicted of laundering Šarić’s cocaine money; members of the family of convicted cigarette smuggler Anton Stanaj; and former Energy Minister Goran Novaković.

Rodić was arrested in 2013 on suspicion of embezzling money from Brixol, a privatized company for production of cosmetics and house chemicals. The investigation was suspended in January of 2017.

Leaked Maltese business registry documents show Rodić is the owner of two offshore companies: Jammb Holding Ltd., bought in April 2009; and Luxmat Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jammb. Luxmat Ltd was declared inactive in 2014.

The documents do not show what business activities the firms were engaged in.

Neither of the Maltese companies has a representative office or branch registered in Serbia. Rodić could not be reached for comment.

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