• Rome: Camorra-style Gang Busted

    Italian police have cracked open a Camorra-type crime gang based in Rome, arresting 61 suspects linked to the group.

  • Italy: 31 Alleged 'Ndrangheta Members Arrested

    Rome police have arrested 31 suspected members of the 'Ndrangheta organized crime group, seizing  more than 600 kg of cocaine and hashish, along with an arsenal of weapons.

  • Hungary: ‘Meat Mafia’ Held Over US$ 20 Million Tax Fraud

    Officials in Hungary are questioning 33 people about a meat trafficking scheme involving an alleged tax fraud of US$ 20 million.

  • Trans-Atlantic Mob Swoop Hits New York's Gambinos and ’Ndrangheta

    carlo gambino
    Carlo Gambino

    By Cecilia Anesi, Giulio Rubino, and Matteo Civillini

    Investigative Reporting Project Italy

    Italian police Wednesday brought charges against eight men linked to Mafia syndicates from Italy and the US in New York and the Italian cities of Milan, Trapani and Matera. Details arising from the case have further confirmed alliances between US and Italian cartels that were first uncovered in a police operation in February.

  • Italy: ‘Ndrangheta Initiation Ritual Exposed

    Police in Italy have arrested 40 suspected gangsters after capturing unprecedented hidden-camera footage of the ‘Ndrangheta’s infamous organized crime initiation ceremony.

  • Italy: President Testifies in High-Profile Mafia Trial

    President Giorgio Napolitano testified he did not know anything about secret talks between the state and the Mafia at a trial Oct. 28 in which the state is accused of cutting deals with the Mafia two decades ago, reports Deutsche Welle.

  • US: Mafia Launders Money in Newark Restaurant

    New Jersey officials charged 11 people -- among them a legendary Mafia boss --  with racketeering, loansharking, money laundering and other crimes, on Oct. 21, according to the New York Post. The group allegedly made millions through various mob scams, including a US$ 400 million money-laundering operation that involved illegally cashing large checks in a popular Portuguese restaurant in Newark.

  • Spain: Accused Russian Mafia Assassin Arrested

    The Spanish Civil Guard has arrested Dimitri Zavialov, accused of being a paid assassin, on international arrest warrants for committing 33 murders ordered by Russian organized crime groups. 

  • Colombia: Major Bust Latest Example of Italian Mafia Presence

    A Spanish citizen belonging to Italy's 'Ndrangheta mafia has been arrested and four tons of cocaine seized in Colombia, in the latest illustration of the Italian organized crime group's presence in Latin America.

  • Italy: Citing Mafia Financial Troubles, Jailed Boss Says “Get A Real Job”

    Italy’s economic crisis is hitting the Sicilian Mafia as well, say law enforcement officials in Palmero, Sicily.

  • Colombia: Operation with US Finds RAFC, ELN Link to Russian Mafia

    A newspaper in Colombia has reported a drugs-for-guns arrangement involving the country's two main guerrilla organizations and the Russian Mafia, in a case which highlights both the close relationship between the rebels and increasing influence of European organized crime.

  • Italy: 24 Arrested on Drug Charges in TransAtlantic Mafia Venture

    Italian police and the FBI have arrested 17 people in Italy and seven in the United States during an operation that authorities say dismantled a drug-trafficking group. The operation, dubbed New Bridge, involved collaboration between the Italian crime syndicate ‘Ndrangheta and the New York- based Gambino family of the Mafia.

  • Italy: Anti-Mafia Bureau Seizes US$540 million of Camorra Assets

    Around US$540 million was seized in Tuesday’s sting targeting the Zaza clan of the Camorra organized crime group in Italy.

  • Italy: MafiaLeaks Website Takes on Organized Crime

    The whistle-blowing spirit behind Wikileaks has inspired the creation of a new website targeting organized crime.

  • Italy: Mafia Crackdowns

    Italian police have made more than 100 arrests in anti-Mafia operations in two regions of the country, Al Jazeera reports

    One operation targeted the ‘Ndrangheta mob based in Calabria and the other took place in Rome, making it the largest Mafia bust in the capital. 

  • Russian Mafia Involved in Football Fixing

    Europol will conduct an investigation into football match fixing by Russian organized crime groups, The Moscow Times reports.

    In early February, Europol uncovered an Asian organized crime syndicate that operated a system of football match-fixing. The discovery has caused investigators to look into 680 football games around the world, 380 of them in Europe, and including the World Cup and European cup matches.

  • The Environmentally Friendly Mafia

    Anna Callaghan

    Global warming. Climate change. Clean energy. Sustainability. Those topics have become buzzwords as the global community becomes more concerned with protecting the environment. 

  • Serbian PM was Warned of Tončev’s Mafia Ties

    Mobster Boris Petkov (middle) with a young Ivica Toncev (right).

    By Stevan Dojčinović, Bojana Jovanović and Christoph Zotter

    Story in Serbian language.

    Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić’s national security advisor has maintained contact with major organized crime figures since before 2008 when he entered government.

    An internal government intelligence report shows that Ivica Toncev’s ties to organized crime were known to the prime minister. Yet, despite that knowledge and warnings from diplomats of several major countries, Toncev gained in power and responsibility.

    The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Center for Investigative Reporting in Serbia (CINS) was given access to a leaked report titled “Information on activities and contacts of Ivica Tončev” dating from mid-2012.

  • Italy: Judge Sentences Suspects in 'Mafia Capitale' Trial

    Daniele Ozzimo, a former member of the Rome city council, was sentenced yesterday with five others for their part in the ‘Mafia Capitale’ corruption scandal, according to Repubblica.