About the Collaboration

“Blowing Unsmoke” brought together journalists from 10 countries on four continents to look at how Philip Morris International’s new IQOS product is shaping the landscape of tobacco.

Project Coordinators: Alessia Cerantola, Andrei Ciurcanu

Contributing journalists and editors:

OCCRP: Alessia Cerantola, Andrei Ciurcanu, Jared Ferrie, Caroline Henshaw, Lilia Saúl Rodríguez, Julia Wallace

RAI 3 Report: Giulio Valesini, Laura Nesi, Elisa Bruno

Kyiv Post: Anna Myroniuk

Waseda Chronicle: Makoto Watanabe, Nanami Nakagawa, Robert Hongo, Mariko Tsuji, Shota Tomonaga, Annelise Giseburt

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Matthew Chapman

Investigative Reporting Lab - Macedonia: Saska Cvetkovska, David Ilieski

RISE Romania: Andrei Ciurcanu

Aristegui Noticias: Lilia Saúl Rodriguez

Cuestión Pública: David Tarizona

Plaza Pública: Paolina Albani

Dominican Republic: Mariela Mejía

Fact-checking: Inna Civirjic, Olena LaFoy, Dima Stoianov

Research: Jelter Meers

Promotion: Charlie Turner

Illustrations: Svetlana Tiourina

OCCRP received a grant from Vital Strategies to fund part of this work.

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