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Valeria spol. s.r.o.

Czech Republic

Valeria spol. s r.o., a company in Znojmo, received one payment of $1,000 for “electrical equipment” from Laundromat shell company Crystalord Ltd. in November 2013. The company does indeed trade in electronic equipment.

According to the Czech business registry, the company is owned by the Petaev family. When reporters visited the Petaev home, a man identifying himself as Sergei Petaev opened the door and confirmed that he trades in electric appliances. “I don’t care who pays,” Petaev said about the Laundromat transaction, “[Even] if the company is from Cyprus or Azerbaijan.” He declined to comment further, saying only that Czech President Milos Zeman and former president Vaclav Klaus were “the only normal people in the Czech Republic” and that the Muslims were going to “kill us all.” Concluding the interview, Petaev said that journalists and non-governmental organizations are “the biggest evil” and that they are bad for business.

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