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Slovyanski Shpaleri


In 2013-2014, a Ukrainian wallpaper factory called Slovyanski Shpaleri (Slavic Wallpapers), located in the country’s northeast, received $1.87 million from the Laundromat. As indicated in the transaction records, some of this money was in payment for wallpapers and construction equipment, but most - $1.2 million received from Westburn Enterprises, Reegold Development, and Caldon Holdings - was for “equipment compressors.”

A sales manager at Slovyanski Shpaleri told reporters that the company neither sells nor produces compressor equipment. The company’s director did not respond to requests for comment.

Slovyanski Shpaleri is a private company owned by Anatoliy Bondar, Olexandr Bondar, and Olena Bondar. Olena is married to Anatoliy Evlakhov, a legislator and member of President Poroshenko’s block in Parliament. When he was elected to the position in November 2014, Evlakhov was a manager at the factory.

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