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Jillava Shipping Ltd.


Jillava Shipping, which claims to offer shipping services, was founded in 2010 in Cyprus. It is owned by another Cypriot company, Totalserve Consultants Ltd., which offers tax planning and fiduciary services. Its sole shareholder, director, and secretary are the same as those of Kerissaco Management Ltd., another Laundromat beneficiary. Also just like Kerissaco, Jillava is listed as a partner of another company called Trading and Freight Agency Co. Ltd. (TFA).

Jillava received a total of $1,807,409 through the Laundromat in 2014. The company opened a subsidiary in the Slovenian port of Koper in 2012, but closed it in 2016 without ever generating income, according to its financial reports. While it existed, Jillava’s subsidiary ended up costing Jillava € 50,000 for no known purpose.

The Slovenian Anti-Money Laundering Office has recorded almost € 87 million of payments going from Jillava Shipping’s Slovenian bank account to several offshore companies between October 2011 and November 2015, but it is unknown whether any further investigation occurred.

Mladlen Stojiljković claimed never to have heard of either Tenby Services Ltd. or Drayscott Overseas, the companies through which Jillava’s Laundromat payments were wired.

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