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ED Capital Management


ED Capital Management, a New York-based investment and asset management firm, received $179,999 in transfers from Crystalord Ltd., a company active in the Laundromat, in 2013. Crystalord bank records erroneously called the firm “ED Management Capital. The payments were variously listed as “consulting,” “legal consulting,” or “market test.”

According to Bloomberg, ED Capital Management does business as Daniloff Capital, a firm owned by Elliott Daniloff, a US citizen of Russian origin. The firm is a “boutique” investment management company that told the Securities and Exchange Commission that it manages $62 million and specializes in Russia and other post-Soviet states, specifically in agriculture and infrastructure development.

Daniloff is in litigation in the Netherlands and the United States with an investment vehicle of the Reuben brothers, the United Kingdom’s wealthiest people, in a dispute over $25 million they gave him which he invested in a Russian chicken farm.

Daniloff did not respond to requests for comment.

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