FC Shakhtar - Donetsk

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FC Shakhtar - Donetsk

System Capital Management, which holds 99 percent of the shares in the club, is owned by Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov.

In 1995, a bomb blast tore through the stadium during a Shakhtar game that killed six people, including club President Alik Bragin. Akhmetov, Bragin’s close associate, left the stadium prior to the blast. After this, Akhmetov got control of the club. His wealth (estimated at nearly nearly 15 billion Euros), influence and parliamentary immunity have shielded him from all attempted investigations. His team of American and British lawyers have initiated UK lawsuits against journalists attempting to investigate his early business years.

The club’s official registration states that it works in miscellaneous passenger transportation services.

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