The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) was formed to help the people in Eastern Europe and Eurasia understand exactly how organized crime and corruption work in their countries and the ways in which it affects them. Through in-depth investigations and news stories about organized crime and corruption, OCCRP gives the people the information they need to make informed choices for change.

In addition to the stories, the project is building an online repository for documents related to organized crime, including court records, laws, reports, studies, company records and other data to provide journalists and the public with a tool to help understand organized crime and how it works throughout societies. It also features a weelkly blog on worldwide organized crime that affects the regions.

OCCRP is a joint program of the Center for Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo, Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism, Bulgarian Investigative Journalism Center, the Caucasus Media Investigation Center, Armenian Investigative Reporters, The Center for Investigative Reporting – Serbia, Media Focus, Novaya Gazeta in Moscow, the Georgian Group of Journalists and investigative journalists in Montenegro, Albania, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine and Macedonia.

The program’s first project on energy traders was awarded the Global Network of Investigative Journalists’ Shining Light Award for quality journalism under adverse conditions. It was done in cooperation with SCOOP.

Organizations interested in participating in our work should email Drew Sullivan at drew@cin.ba.

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