Dubai Unlocked

Credit: James O'Brien/OCCRP
Published: May 14, 2024

From its humble days as desert tradepost to its current status as a global financial hub, Dubai has long served as a crossroads for commerce.

But it's not just financiers and footballers who are rubbing shoulders in the city’s glitzy skyscrapers and villa communities today.

Dubai has also become a meeting point for men and women from around the globe who have been accused of criminality and corruption.

With a reputation for financial secrecy, low taxes, and an ever-expanding spread of valuable real estate, the city is an appealing option for those looking to launder or hide cash.

Thanks to a new leak of property records, reporters have identified scores of individuals from around the world who own property in Dubai, and whose holdings we believe to be in the public interest to reveal.

They include alleged money launderers and drug lords, political figures accused of corruption and their associates, and businessmen sanctioned for financing terrorism, among others.

Dubai Unlocked, an investigative project involving more than 70 media outlets around the globe, is the most up-to-date look yet at who owns what in the Middle Eastern city.

What Is 'Dubai Unlocked'? Everything You Need To Know

Frequently asked questions about the global investigation into Dubai property ownership.

14 May 2024 Read the article


Singapore Money Laundering Suspects Invested Huge Sums in Dubai Property

Three people arrested in a raid on an alleged money laundering ring in Singapore invested over $30 million in Dubai real estate, leaked data reveals. One of the suspects, who was wanted in China at the time, was behind a property broker that became a major sales agent for the city’s largest real estate developer, part-owned by Dubai’s ruler.

16 May 2024 Read the article

Top Crypto Scammers Managed to Sell Dubai Properties After Being Charged

So-called CryptoQueen Ruja Ignatova and her security adviser, Frank Schneider, liquidated Dubai assets despite being charged in the U.S. for their alleged roles in a $4bn fraud. The whereabouts of both is unknown.

15 May 2024 Read the article

Destination Dubai: As the U.S. Was Rebuilding Afghanistan, Contractors Snapped up Properties in the UAE

As billions of U.S. dollars flowed in to rebuild Afghanistan following the fall of the Taliban in 2001, many contractors were accused of skimming reconstruction funds. Today, some of them own luxury properties in Dubai.

14 May 2024 Read the article

News and Updates

Cyprus at Center of Sanctioned Afghan Politician’s International Business Empire

A lawsuit against the U.S. government by two former Afghan parliamentarians reveals they continue to hold Cyprus passports –– despite advice to authorities to review their citizenship.

15 May 2024Read the article

Previous Reporting on Dubai Real Estate

Dubai's Golden Sands

Dubai has transformed itself into an extravagant metropolis where the police drive Lamborghinis and edible gold ice cream costs US $800 a scoop. But this success story is inextricably linked with the globalization of organized crime and corruption.

12 June 2018Check out the project

Dubai Uncovered: Data Leak Exposes How Criminals, Officials, and Sanctioned Politicians Poured Money Into Dubai Real Estate

Russian politicians under Western sanctions, financial criminals, and corrupt European officials all own real estate in the emirate, which attracts investors with liberal residency rules and a ‘few questions asked’ approach to regulation.

3 May 2022Read the article

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