Armenia’s Former President to Remain Under Arrest

An Armenian court has concluded that there is insufficient evidence that Robert Kocharyan, former President of Armenia, committed corruption, Kocharyan’s lawyer told OCCRP on Monday. However, the ex-president will remain in custody because of a second indictment.

Swedbank’s Shady Business in Estonia

Two offshore companies owned by down and out homeless alcoholics used accounts in Swedbank’s Estonian branch to transfer up to €180 million (US $204 million) to a wholesaler which experienced suspiciously rapid growth, according to OCCRP’s Estonian partner Postimees.

Swedbank Scandal Doubles, Implicates Organized Crime

A scandal implicating Sweden’s oldest bank widened dramatically on Friday, with revelations that the suspicious flows that the institution handled--transactions with potential connections to alleged Danske Bank money laundering--amounted to US$10.2 billion, and not $5.8 billion, as earlier reported.