Report: Organized Crime Exacerbating World’s Major Problems

Transnational organised crime has grown exponentially since the early 1990s and is now a key factor exacerbating many of the world’s major problems, including climate change, mass migration, economic inequality and political instability, according to a report published Thursday.

Unorganized Crime: Painted Rocks and the Anti-Mafia Grandma

Meth and cocaine lollipops, pot-smuggling biker gangs, painted rocks passed off as copper, counterfeit children’s toys, and the grandmother helping take down the Italian mafia ― OCCRP’s Daily News team bringing you this week’s oddest events in corruption and organized crime.

EU Accused of Neo-colonialism in Indian Ocean Tuna Spat

Several Indian Ocean states have accused the EU’s distant water fishing fleet of engaging in neo-colonialism after the union called for weaker conservation laws while its ships plunder the bounties of the Indian Ocean. 

UK Repatriates Millions in Corrupt Assets of Nigerian Ex-Governor

The U.K. government agreed with Nigeria on Tuesday to return £4.2 million (US$5.83 million) laundered by James Ibori, the former Governor of the southern oil producing Delta State, which government officials say will be used to finance key Nigerian infrastructure projects.

Romanian Logging: NGO Raises Transparency Concerns

Experts have warned that Romania’s new system for monitoring illegal logging in the country ― itself an industry worth US$1 billion per annum, propped up by corruption and organized crime ― is falling seriously short of legally-mandated transparency requirements.