Syrian Opposition Welcomes US Bill to Combat Captagon Trafficking

A U.S.-based Syrian opposition organization welcomed on Thursday a bill U.S. President Joe Biden signed a day earlier in order to combat the production and trafficking of a potent drug that has been funding the regime and military actions of Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Malta May Revoke Passport from Russian Who Laundered Money in UK

Malta is considering revoking the passport of the son of a Russian former oil executive after the young man was convicted in the U.K. of laundering criminal funds. The 24-year-old began cleaning cash for an organized crime group soon after obtaining EU citizenship through Malta's controversial “golden visa” program, records show.

Spain Arrests Seller of Illegally Acquired Ancient Egyptian Sculpture

Spanish authorities have reported the arrest of an antiquities dealer for illegally obtaining and selling the head of an Egyptian sculpture dating back to approximately 1450 BC. The sculpture was found to have been acquired from a Bangkok company linked to the antiquities trade in conflict zones such as North Africa and the Middle East.