In Global First, Cypriot National Extradited to USA for Fraud

The United States activated its extradition treaty with Cyprus, extraditing last week one Cypriot and one Lebanese citizen from the Mediteranean island to face justice in the United States. It is the first time in history a Cypriot has been extradited to the US.

Mexico’s AMLO Undeterred by Cartel Arms Video

The president of Mexico has again refused to deploy the army against the country’s cartels, saying “evil must be confronted with good” in response to a showcasing of firepower by one criminal organisation in a video posted online.

Kyrgyz Companies Rigging Public Contract Auctions

A recent investigation has found that private companies in Kyrgyzstan are illegally obtaining lucrative public procurement contracts by rigging auctions online, in some cases suggesting possible collusion with government agencies.

Hawaiian Mob Boss Faces the Federal Death Penalty

US authorities have charged 11 alleged members of a criminal group operating on the Hawaiian island of Oahu with a combined 22 offensives ranging from bank fraud to murder-for-hire - 17 of which included the group's leader Michael J. Miske Jr. 

Sheldon Adelson’s Singapore Casino Agrees to Settle Lawsuit

The Marina Bay Sands, a casino in Singapore owned by billionaire Sheldon Adelson, agreed to pay a settlement of US$6.5 million to a Chinese gambler who claimed that the sum had been withdrawn from his account and transferred to other guests without his approval.