Malta Delays Start of European Prosecutor’s Operation

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office, EPPO, said it was concerned by Malta’s failure to nominate to the body its three candidates for the country’s representative in the College of Prosecutors which consequently delays the start of the EPPO’s operations.

Mexico: Extradition, Gold AKs and Bearded Ladies

It’s been an eventful week for Mexico, with the extradition of two high-profile cartel members to the US, threats made against a national newspaper by organised criminals and the seizure of a gold-plated assault rifle from the leader of a murderous syndicate calling themselves ‘The Women with Moustaches.’

Hungary Indicts Paragliding Drug Smugglers

An unusual drug smuggling effort from 2018 may soon get an epilogue after prosecutors in the Hungarian city of Csongrad raised charges this week against three men suspected of having tried to use a paraglider to deliver drugs from Serbia to Hungary.