Cyprus Launches New Registry that Identifies Company Owners

Trying to combat its reputation as a money-laundering haven, Cyprus has launched a new registry that requires companies to reveal their true beneficiaries - a measure the country said it has adopted to improve transparency and comply with European Union regulations.

Pakistan Criminalizes Criticism of Military

Opposition leaders and even some ministers in the government of PM Imran Khan have expressed outrage over a new law that allows authorities to jail Pakistanis who criticize or make fun of the country’s powerful military.

Unorganized Crime: Netflix Scams and Stolen Space Guppies

Campaign promises from beyond the grave, songbird poachers, and the Hollywood actor implicated in a US$227 million scam involving fabricated emails from Netflix and HBO ― your weekly oddities section, from us here at OCCRP’s Daily News team.

Belgian Police Seize 27 Tons of Coke After Cracking Encrypted Phones

After they intercepted encrypted messages exchanged between members of organized crime groups, Belgian authorities seized in the port of Antwerp 27.64 tons of cocaine worth some 1.38 billion euros (about US$1.64 billion) just over the past two months, the Belgian Prosecution Office said on Tuesday

Belgian and Dutch investigators accessed the messages after cracking the encrypted communication platform Sky ECC in March last year.