With New President, Ukraine Mulls Reining in the Powerful

Days after comedian-turned politician Volodymyr Zelenskiy won Ukraine’s nationwide elections, both he and political opponents doubled down on an issue long at the top of the country’s political agenda: reining in the corrupt and powerful.

Political Meddling, Poor Training Spur Graft in Papua New Guinea

A newly-published discussion paper on corruption in Papua New Guinea’s public sector found that low-level officials are often poorly informed about laws and regulations and are under intense pressure to grant favors to businesses, politicians and clan affiliates, contributing to existing patterns of corrupt behavior in the developing country.

New Study Documents Electoral Corruption in Hungary

A study published this month examining illicit election strategies in Hungary concluded that multiple forms of electoral clientelism—a quid pro quo of votes for a politician’s favor—were at play in that country’s 2014 parliamentary elections.