Lebanese MPs Jump Vaccine Queue, Sparking Outrage

The World Bank has said on Tuesday that if it is true that Lebanese officials had jumped the line  to receive the vaccine, it will suspend its COVID-19 program for the country which includes the funding of the purchase of coronavirus vaccines.

Illegal Wild Bird Trade Soars in Indonesia

Indonesian authorities seized over 11,000 wild birds last month, mostly songbirds headed for the notorious bird markets on the island of Java, according to an NGO press release on Friday.

Syria: 10 Years of War Crimes, Abuses, Human Rights Violations

As the Arab Spring rippled across the region in 2011, Syrians took to the streets to protest government corruption and call for freedom and democracy, but the uprising turned into a decade-long civil war that saw “massive crimes” including genocide, a U.N. commission said in a report published end of last week.

German Police Goes after Family-based Crime Group

German police arrested two people last week and raided over 20 locations in Berlin during a massive operation that targeted members of a family-based organized crime group allegedly involved in arms and drug trafficking, financial crime, museum heists and clan clashes.

Unorganized Crime: Fighting Finches and the Sturgeon General

Olympian smugglers and meth-laced candles, allegations of money laundering at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, and dispatches from the international trade in tiny fighting songbirds — OCCRP’s Daily News team here with a recap of all things weird and criminal from this past week.