Croatian Soccer Club Seeks State Aid Against Organized Crime

Concerns about the influence of organized crime have reached such fever pitch in a Croatian soccer club, that the management turned to the country’s president and prime minister for help. 

Zoran Mamic (source: Mamic (source:, from Zagreb, confirmed on Thursday it sent a letter to the officials but refused to reveal any further details.

The letter, published by N1, explained that the club faces great pressures from individuals linked to criminal networks, whom Dinamo feels wish to take control of the club.

“Please recognize the seriousness of possible threats to us and our employees, which could certainly lead to physical attacks as well as the liquidation of responsible people, so that certain individuals and groups can achieve their goals in the violent takeover of the club,” the letter pleaded. 

While it mentions no names, it also states the club’s willingness to meet with state authorities in order to provide additional facts and information.

The club also announced the return of former player, trainer, and director Zoran Mamic as its new director, despite the fact that last year he and his brother were convicted of defrauding Dinamo of millions of dollars.

Mamic has appealed his conviction and insisted that any court dealings he would be involved in would not interfere with his duties as director of the club.

“Dinamo is not just just a job,” he added. “Dinamo is love. Dinamo is emotion. Dinamo is family.”