Romania's Liviu Dragnea Jailed for Corruption

After years of corruption allegations, Liviu Dragnea, the leader of Romania’s the Social Democratic, was sentenced and jailed for three and a half years on Monday - only a day after Romanians voted for a ban on pardons for corrupt officials.

dragnea1Liviu Dragnea mocking the 'suitcase' scandal (Photo: Octav Ganea, Inquam Photos)The vote means that Dragnea will have to serve his sentence.

Dragnea has allegedly previously taken kickbacks in deals done with the now-deceased millionaire Costel Comana, been charged with embezzlement, pushed for weaker anti-corruption stances, and pressured OCCRP partner, Project RISE, with government agencies when it exposed his corruption. He was also accused of vote-rigging.

Dragnea’s sentencing comes after significant pressure from the EU, which threatened to revoke many of Romania’s privileges as an EU state and bar it from the Schengen visa-free travel zone.

The Social Democratic party suffered another defeat on Sunday, losing out to the pro-EU National Liberal Party in the European parliament election.