Russia: Report Says Top Ruling Party Funders Get State Contracts

Over a third of major donors to Russia’s ruling party have received state contracts reaching into hundreds of millions and even billions of rubles, Russian electoral monitoring NGO Golos (Voice) reported Thursday.

putinVladimir Putin meets with United Russia members (Photo: report found that 80 companies donating at least one million rubles (US$ 15,064) to the United Russia party of President Vladimir Putin in 2015 also received state contracts. In total, 241 companies donated more than one million rubles to United Russia in 2015, according to publicly available filings.

Golos said its examination was based on filings posted online by the Central Election Commission, as well as sources including the government’s procurement portal.

Among the companies donating to United Russia was construction firm Concern MonArch, which gave 20 million rubles to the party in 2015 and received over five billion rubles in contracts from Moscow’s Department of Construction.