Serbia: High Court Accepts Saranovic Indictment

Published: 19 July 2016 copy copyBelgrade High Court (

By Joshua Futtersak

Belgrade's High Court has accepted prosecutors’ third attempt to indict the brother of slain Montenegrin gangster Branislav Saranovic over an alleged 2013 revenge killing, Serbian OCCRP partner the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) has reported.

Slobodan Saranovic is accused of ordering a hit on Nikola Bojovic, the brother of Serbian crime boss Luka Bojovic, in revenge for his younger brother Branislav’s 2009 killing.

Branislav was a Balkan casino owner and was known to Serbian police as a member of the country’s mafia. He was also a part of an international cocaine smuggling ring known as “Group America.”

Branislav was killed in Belgrade when two men rode up to him on a motorcycle and fired 20 shots from an automatic weapon.

Slobodan soon after vowed revenge, putting up a poster in his currency exchange shop offering safety and a six figure euro sum if the killers surrendered themselves and divulged the identity of the assassination’s mastermind.

In May 2013, a gunman snuck up behind Nikola Bojovic in a downtown Belgrade bakery and shot him with a handgun. Luka Bojovic was in jail in Spain at the time.

Slobodan is currently being held in Montenegro. Along with six associates, he stands accused of a range of crimes including the 2013 murder of mobster Milos Vidakovic.