Bosnia and Herzegovina: Four Held over Suspected Plot to Supply Bomb to Sweden

Published: 16 March 2015

One of the suspects being brought to state police headquarters

By Igor Spaic

Bosnian police have arrested five suspects who allegedly built an explosive device for export to Sweden to be used in a terrorist attack.

Today a court in Bosnian Court approved the pre-trial detention of four of the five suspects, who were arrested Friday.

Their arrests were part of the police operation "Benelux", carried out by the Bosnian Intelligence Agency in cooperation with Dutch and Swedish police forces.

The suspects are Bosnian citizens Enver Dzanko, Adis Ramic, Amar Sljivo, Zeljko Malenica anda Swedish citizen of Lebanese origin, Abdel Salam.

Bosnian border police arrested Salam, Dzanko and Ramic as they tried to cross the border to Croatia with a home-made remote-controlled explosive device hidden in their vehicle. At the same time, police arrested Amar Sljivo in Sarajevo.

Two Sarajevo locations were searched, and later that night police also arrested another suspected accomplice, Zeljko Malenica. Prosecutors requested a pre-trial detention period of one month for four of the suspects, while Malenica was released from custody.

Swedish police have dismissed Bosnian police claims that the incident was linked to terrorism, saying the bomb had been intended for use by criminal gangs in Malmo, southern Sweden.

Bosnian prosecutors insist that, since the suspects were caught in possession of an explosive device, the crime they allegedly committed is classed as an act of terrorism in Bosnian law.