Bosnia's Radoncic to Testify at Kelmendi Drug Trial

Published: 26 January 2015


By Una Hajdari, BIRN

The Basic Court in Pristina announced on Monday that media mogul Fahrudin Radoncic, head of the Union for a Better Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina, SBB, will testify at the trial of Kelmendi for organised crime, aggravated murder and the sale of drugs.

"Fahrudin Radoncic will be testifying on March 25 and 26," said judge Anna Adamska-Gallant.

Sejla Turkovic, Radoncic's former colleague and close ally, and her husband, convicted drug trafficker Zijad Turkovic, are also expected to testify.

Zijad Turkovic was given a 40-year sentence in 2013 for his involvement in organised crime related to drug trafficking, banditry, attempted murder, weapons smuggling, preparing a murder, extortion and money laundering.

At what was described as the largest trial for organised crime in Bosnia in two decades, Turkovic alleged that Kelmendi was guilty of some of the offences and had set him up. Appeals are currently being heard in the case.

Naser Oric, a former Bosnian Army commander, Darko Elez, who is on trial in Sarajevo for organized crime, Emir Poljak, who testifed at the trial of crime lord Ali Gasi, and Azra Saric, the alleged former girlfriend of a murdered gangster, are also on the list of 82 proposed witnesses put forward by the prosecution.

Adamska-Gallant said that the biggest obstacle was getting the witnesses to Kosovo to testify, since most of them are Bosnian citizens. As Bosnia and Herzegovina has not recognised Kosovo's independence, they require visas to travel there.