Russia: Offices of Navalny’s Non-Profit Searched

Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny was brought in for questioning by the Russian Investigative Committee (TFR) in Moscow on Friday, Jan 16, during a raid on the offices of his non-profit.

Navalny's Photo at FBK

According to Navalny’s website, the office of the Fund to Fight Corruption (FBK) was searched by 30 officials, including the main investigator of the TFR and officials of the Ministry of Interior.

The search, which reportedly lasted more than seven hours, resulted in the seizure of financial and personnel records, personal laptops and phones, and hard drives. Navalny claims that FBK employees were  questioned about campaign donations.

Twelve police officers intercepted Navalny as he left the building and put him into a police car. According to the Twitter account of Roman Rubanov, director of the FBK, internet and phone lines were disconnected during the search.

According to the Russian website News Russia, the TFR confirmed the search, saying Russian Member of Parliament Mikhail Degtyarev asked them to investigate how the FBK was using donations. The TFR claims that most have been spent on FBK employee benefits.

Navalny was given a three-and-a-half-year suspended sentence on Dec. 30, and remains under house arrest while his brother Oleg is serving the same length of time in jail.