Romania: Chief Prosecutor Resigns over Abuse of Power Allegations

Published: 26 November 2014


The chief prosecutor of Romania's anti-organised crime agency has resigned after being remanded in custody for 30 days on suspicion of corruption.

According to AFP, Alina Bica – chief prosecutor of the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) –was arrested last week over allegations that she approved a real estate deal in 2011 that cost the government US$ 77 million.

She was held for questioning as part of an investigation into her role in Romania's National Authority for Property Restitution commission, which is tasked with deciding compensations for people whose property was seized by the former communist regime.

Allegedly, Bica greenlighted a drastically overpriced compensation for 13 hectares of land in a Buchurest suburb. According to the National Anticorruption Agency, the value of the land swelled from US$ 34 million to US$111 million.

Romanian news agencyAgerpress reports that Bica was taken into custody Thursday night and resigned on Friday. Additionally, the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) suspended Bica as a magistrate on Monday until the matter is concluded.