China: 288 Arrested in 56 Nations in Corruption Crackdown

  As China continues its crackdown on corruption, its operation dubbed “Fox Hunt” has arrested 288 fugitives suspected of committing economic crimes.

The operation targets suspects who have fled abroad, including the US, Canada, and Australia, three nations that do not have extradition treaties with China. These nations are three of the most popular destinations for fugitives, reports Reuters.


The government has given all other suspects until Dec. 1 to come forward and admit to crimes. China’s Ministry of Foreign Security said those who surrender sooner may receive less severe punishments.

Operation Fox Hunt requires extensive cooperation between the Chinese government and law enforcement in other nations, reports The International Business Times. Australia announced in mid-October it would assist China in the extradition of allegedly corrupt officials as well as helping seize their assets. 

To ensure such cooperation, attendees of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Beijing have signed a document, “Beijing Declaration on Fighting Corruption,” denying those involved in corrupt acts a safe haven in host countries.

The operation has shown that President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign extends beyond China’s borders, reports The Diplomat.