Mexico: 700 Police Officers Fired or Demoted in Purge

Published: 13 November 2013


Seven hundred Mexican state police will be fired or demoted in the state of Michoacán, InSight Crime reports.

The purge "illustrat[es] the extent of corruption among public officials in the Pacific coastal state," according to InSight.

Michoacán is located on the west coast of Mexico, far from the northern border with the United States or the southeastern borders with Guatemala and Belize. Police in Michoacán have been accused of ties with the Knights Templar and Jalisco Cartel gangs. A recent report from Mexican magazine Milenio described monthly bribes the Michoacán-based Knights Templar paid to Mexican officials.

In June, after police forces were unable to combat a surge in violent crime, the Mexican government sent the military to Michoacán in an attempt to restore order.

Over the past decade nearly 80,000 people have been killed in gang violence in Mexico.

So far 132 officers have been named, while another 568 will be alerted later, according to CNN. Some officers will be removed from the police force while others will moved to the lower position of auxiliary police officer, where use of weapons are not necessary.

The fired officers will receive legally mandated compensation benefits including three months' salary and perks such as paid vacations.