China: Mayor of Nanjing Sacked Over Suspected Corruption

Ji Jianye, mayor of Nanjing, became the latest high-level Chinese official to be fired in a nationwide anti-corruption crackdown. Ji, 56, was removed from office on Saturday, two days after state media announced that he was the subject of a corruption investigation according to the BBC.

Ji, who served as a Communist Party of China (CPC) secretary and presided over Nanjing, a city of about eight million residents, may have awarded projects to companies with which he had ties. Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune reports that Ji was investigated over economic corruption and construction projects.

Xinhua, China's government press agency, stated that Ji was "removed from his post for suspected serious disciplinary violations." The Guardian noted that "disciplinary violations" is often government shorthand for corruption. Reportedly, the case regarding Ji may have involved US$3.3 million.

Since taking office in November 2012, Chinese president Xi Jinping vowed a national crackdown on corruption in which government officials from all levels of government, described by Xi as both powerful "tigers" and lowly "flies", are valid targets for investigation.

The attempted crackdown has been viewed with mixed reception, with critics arguing that the campaign has failed to net corrupt politicians in large numbers or achieve significant reforms, The Express Tribune states. High-level politicians taken down over corruption in recent months include the former railways minister, a top economic planner, and former CPC secretary Bo Xilai.