Chinese Legislator Expelled in Corruption Crackdown

Published: 01 July 2013


The National People’s Congress of China announced that Zhou Wenbin has been ousted following an investigation into allegations of bribery, embezzlement, selling of offices or other forms of corruption, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

Wenbin, 52, was dismissed from his post as President of Nanchang University in the province of Guangxi on June 18, the South China Morning Post reported. He served as president and deputy party chief of the university since 2002.

Since taking office in November, President Xi Jinping has announced a crackdown on corruption and government waste. While the Communist Party generally tightly controls information about cases of corruption among high-level officials, state media have recently been more open.

The case of a former district official, sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison in the city of Chongqing for taking more than 3.1 million yuan ($500,000) in bribes, was announced in the state media. Lei Zhengfu, 55, had been at the center of a sex-tape scandal involving a 25-year-old prostitute that turned into an extortion scheme, the Washington Post reported.