Austria: Counterfeit Euro Print Shop Busted

Published: 20 June 2013


Thirteen suspects from an international organized criminal group were arrested in Austria for the production and distribution of counterfeit Euro and Serbian dinar banknotes, Europol reports.

The suspects are also supposedly involved in production and distribution of fake identity documents ring, including false passports and driving licenses. Suspects were allegedly distributing the fake documents to international criminals.

More than €300,000 in bogus Euros and 1.5 million in Serbian dinars were seized, reports Europol. 

Investigation into the organized criminal group began in 2012. The Austrian criminal police along with the Austrian National Bank collaborated with Europol. 

On June 18 in Vienna, police searched 16 houses and found the print shop and a large amount of unfinished €100 notes. Equipment in the print shop included inkjet and laser printers, scanners, computers, stamping devices, and a laminating machine. These were used to produce €50 banknotes 

Counterfeit dinars in 1000, 2000, and 5000 denominations were discovered. False Serbian passports and other fake documents were also seized.