India Dismantles Babies Trafficking Ring

Published: 12 April 2024

Baby BWBabies were sold to childless Indian couples for prices ranging from $4,800 to more than $7,000 each. (Photo: PxHere, License)

By Lieth Carrillo

India's Central Bureau of Investigation reported that it has dismantled a group that bought and then sold babies to couples who could not have children. The group operated in Delhi and in the Haryana state in the north of the country and promoted its services on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Authorities searched seven locations and rescued three babies - one only one day old, another 15 days old, and the third one month old.

So far, the investigation has revealed that the suspects bought the babies directly from their parents as well as from surrogate mothers and then sold them at prices ranging from 400,000 to 600,000 rupees each, equivalent to prices between US$4,800 and more than $7,000.

The group looked for childless couples who wanted to adopt through online ads on social network sites and groups and deceived some of them by creating fake documents to make it look like a legitimate adoption.

During the operation, officers detained seven people who are now facing child trafficking charges. In addition, more than 550,000 rupees ($6,000) and documents were seized.

Trafficking of infants, especially those abducted or bought and sold for adoption purposes, is not a new phenomenon in India, and such cases frequently make local headlines.

Sometimes corrupt orphanages or NGO staff appear to be involved in such illicit business. As recently as the end of February this year, eight people, including five women, were caught for buying and selling newborn children aged between 10 and 15 days across India.