Spanish and US Authorities go After the BLOOD Youth Gang

Authorities are cracking down on youth criminal gangs that pray on individuals who may be seeking a sense of belonging, protection, or excitement.

Spain BLOOD GangSpanish authorities said that the BLOOD gang leader is believed to have recruited young people and minors to commit various crimes, including theft, threats, and coactions. (Photo: Guardia Civil, License)Spanish police have arrested the leader of the infamous youth criminal gang known as BLOOD, along with six other people, in the Segovia province of Spain. The suspects were hiding from a rival gang.

The violent group, which originated in Los Angeles in 1972, has spread to Europe and is known to have committed violent offenses, including fights with rival gangs and burglaries of vehicles and homes.

According to a police statement released on Wednesday, the group is believed to have recruited young people and minors to commit various crimes, including theft, threats, and coercion.

The investigation, carried out by the Guardia Civil in conjunction with the National Police, began in April when authorities received information about a group of young people causing trouble and committing crimes under the direction of a person who claimed to be the leader of a criminal gang.

The police discovered that the group was being led by a member of BLOOD and that the gang was recruiting new members, particularly in schools, sports centers, and parks.

Once recruited, the new members were forced to create profiles on social media to increase their visibility among young people in the area.

The gang committed various crimes, mainly robberies, in a violent and organized manner, threatening members who refused to participate.

Meantime, the United States sentenced another BLOOD member named Lawrence Lewis, also known as "L Boogs," to life plus 22 years in prison for various crimes, including murder, rape, sex trafficking, narcotics possession and distribution, witness tampering, and firearms charges.

Violent youth gangs often use manipulation tactics to coerce vulnerable young people into joining their ranks, the statement said.

Once recruited, members are often subjected to further manipulation and coercion to carry out illegal activities. The gangs may use false promises of power, status, and protection to induce members to perform violent or criminal acts, even against their will.