Serbia: Prosecutors seize Property of Alleged Drug Boss

Published: 10 December 2012


The High Court in Serbia approved the seizure of a Belgrade property belonging to alleged drug trafficker Rodoljub Radulović, according to documents obtained by OCCRP reporters in Serbia. The court seized Radulović’s 45 percent ownership share of the property – a $1.2 million industrial building in Pančevo, after Organized Crime Prosecutors in Serbia filed a request to that effect on September 20, 2012. 

Rodoljub Radulović is a controversial businessman and a close associate of the alleged crime boss Darko Saric, whose Serbian assets have already been seized by the state. 

OCCRP first reported on the Pančevo property in May, 2012, when reporters uncovered its existence through an investigation into Darko Šarić’s money-laundering operations. Facing possible prosecution in 2010, Šarić transferred his stake in the building to the wealthy Serbian businessman Bogdan Rodić, and records from that transfer revealed Radulović’s stake in the same building. 

Radulovic has pursued business interests all over the world, often moving on to a new location to flee warrants from the last. He is wanted internationally for cocaine dealing and money laundering, and investigations have shown that he controls multiple offshore business accounts and shipping operations. He fled $15 million in debt in the United States in the early 2000s when he returned to the Balkans, and has been charged in Greece for participation in an international drug ring.