Croatia: Minister’s Rental Apartment Questioned

The Croatian Minister of the Interior Ranko Ostojić was caught in an apparent conflict of interest this week after a local news outlet discovered he has been living since 2007 in a Zagreb apartment owned by media tycoon Ninoslav Pavić. 

The apartment is 60 square meters on the third floor of a building owned by Pavić's company Com.Com and rents for $429 per month, according to local media. The Croatian government foots that bill, despite the fact that Com.Com is blacklisted by the Tax Authority for owing $433,507 in back taxes. 

"I do not know what is controversial," Ostojić said of the arrangement, according to He said he has been trying for some time to move into a new apartment that could accommodate his family.

Ostojić moved into Pavić's apartment before he became a government official. Before he joined the government in 2008, he was a board member of Slobodne Dalmacije or 'Free Dalmatia,' one of the news outlets Pavić owns.c