Italian Police Arrest 37 Martorano-Stefanutti Mafia Clan Members

Published: 01 December 2021

Italian Police copyItalian State Police arrested 37 suspected members of a clan believed to be part of the ‘Ndragheta, Italy’s biggest Mafia syndicate. (Photo: Polizia di Stato)

By Henry Pope

Italian State Police arrested on Monday 37 suspected members of a clan believed to be part of the ‘Ndragheta, Italy’s biggest Mafia syndicate. The Martorano-Stefanutti clan was allegedly involved in drug trafficking, extortion, protection rackets and infiltrated trade unions.

The arrests were carried out across all of the country's 20 regions; Most of the suspects were subsequently incarcerated while others were confined to house arrest.

Investigators used telephone tapping, physical surveillance, and GPS tracking during the investigation and utilized witness testimony to ascertain the Martorano-Stefanutti clan’s criminal capabilities.

Authorities claim the clan is associated with several other ‘Ndrangheta groups in the country, including the ones across Calabria, Lucania, Sicily and Puglia.

Throughout the territory controlled by the Martorano-Stefanutti clan, its members are said to have utilized force and intimidation to consolidate monopolies over extortion, gambling, and racketeering.

The clan has also been investigated for attaining lucrative contracts and infiltrating several trade unions across the Lucania and Basilicata regions.

The investigation into the Martorano-Stefanutti clan’s activities has reportedly been ongoing for 15 years, according to USB, an Italian online news organization from Basilicata.

Among those arrested is trade unionist Rocco Della Luna della Uil, according to Calabria-based online news publication LaC News24. He is considered to be one of the clan's lead enforcers and a central figure in the clan’s activities in the Province of Potenza, in the south of Italy.