British Police Bust Two Albanians with 16 Kilos of Drug

British border police arrested two Albanian nationals suspected of breaking into the London Container Terminal in Tilbury to retrieve packages of drugs with a street value of more than £1 million (US$1.23 million), the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) said on Wednesday.

Drug Albanians LondonDrug seized in London. (Photo: NCA)The men, identified as Mariglen Bajraktari (20) and Romario Vukzaj (23) recovered around “16 kilos of cocaine from a refrigerated container which had arrived from Belize on May 1,” according to NCA.

The two were charged with the “possession and importation of a class A drug,” and were remanded in custody until they are set to appear before the Basildon Crown Court on June 3.

The NCA said it reacted after port workers spotted them and informed the port police about it.

“We always encourage port workers to alert us to any suspicious activity that they see in the course of their duties,” NCA Branch Commander Jacque Beer said.

He stressed that in this case the port workers’ vigilance “led to the seizure of a substantial amount of cocaine.”