Mexican Drug Cartel Gives Out Food to the Poor Amid Pandemic

Published: 07 April 2020

GulfCartel logo copy

Alleged members of Mexican Gulf Cartel started to give out food. (Photo: Wikipedia)

By Laura Mallene

Alleged members of a Mexican narco cartel are delivering groceries to low-income families to help them overcome the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, a blog covering narco cartels in Mexico reported on Sunday.

The so-called Gulf Cartel, that operates in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas and Los Viagras in the western state of Michoacan, allegedly delivered food to at least 200 poor families, El Blog del Narco reported. 

Pictures of boxes with labels saying “Cartel del Golfo in support of Ciudad Victoria..." appeared on social media. According to the pictures, the boxes contain some basic goods like oil, breakfast cereal and canned products.

El Blog del Narco said that people were told the labels were put on the boxes to remind that the aid did not come from the government.

Food was also shared in the city of Acahuato, where competing criminal organizations are operating.

On the same day photos emerged showing alleged organized crime members distributing food to the poor, Gulf Cartel gunmen allegedly killed seven people in a beer warehouse. Authorities said they don’t know what started the gunfire, but the current theory is that it was a robbery gone wrong.

The Gulf Cartel started as a smuggling group that shipped alcohol to the United States during the prohibition period in the 1930s. It is considered the oldest criminal organization in Mexico.

The Mexican economy has been hit hard by the pandemic. Until Tuesday, the country recorded 2,439 cases of COVID-19 and 125 deaths.