International Raid Busts Turkish Drug Trafficking Group

European authorities arrested 13 suspected members of a Turkish drug trafficking group and seized 2.4 tonnes of heroin that was supposed to be shipped to Europe in food or construction materials containers, Europol announced on Monday.

heroin seizurePart of the heroin seized. (Photo: Europol)After a two-year-long investigation, authorities from several European countries nabbed the suspects in the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Belgium. Europol said among them were “two high value criminal targets.” 

The heroin seized during the raid came from the Middle-East, most probably Afghanistan, and the shipment was heading to the Netherlands. The cocaine, on the other hand, came most likely from Latin America, the statement said.

The containers were either put on cargo ships or trucks. 

According to Europol, Europe is estimated to consume 150 tonnes of heroin each year. The routes traffickers take are often passing through the Balkans or, like in this case, through Kazakhstan and Russia