Source Documents

Gulnara Karimova squeezed more than US$1 billion worth of payments and ownership shares out of international telecom-related companies. TeliaSonera paid US$381 million and promised an additional US$75 million; VimpelCom and its mother company Alfa Telecom paid US$176 million; MTS shelled out out US$350 million.

She also received nearly US$90 million from two other companies that ran fiber optic lines and provided WiMAX and WIFI services in Uzbekistan. This is likely just tip of an iceberg as not all records are available.

Swisdorn Limited

Takilant Limited

Aquite Holdings & Investments Inc.

Watertrail Industries Ltd.

Eastwell S.A.

Eastwell S.A. LLC

Eastwell Invest Holding S.A.

Finex Limited

Freevale Enterprises Inc.

Merkony Investment Group Limited


Panally Ltd.



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