• Report: Tens of Billions of Dollars Stolen Annually from Africa

    Illicit financial flows are allowing wealthy countries to profit from Africa’s wealth to the tune of tens of billions of dollars, according to a joint report by several campaign groups released Wednesday.

  • Latvian allegedly helped Le Pen’s Party obtain Russian Loan

    A Latvian-based consultant, who has managed the offshores of Russian politicians, has met with at least two high-ranking officials of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen to discuss her party’s options for a Russian loan, media said Tuesday.

  • Ukrainian Top Officials Involved in Secret Offshore Deals

    Oleksandr TereshchenkoOleksandr Tereshchenko

    A number of high-ranking Ukrainian officials used a complex web of offshore companies and bank accounts to conduct property deals in multiple countries, according to a cache of leaked documents obtained by OCCRP.

  • OCCRP At The Heart of the Global Debate on Corruption

    In forums from London to New York to the San Francisco Bay, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is playing a significant role in the global discussion regarding international crime and corruption. Senior representatives from the organization have shared their insights on the sophisticated criminal structures behind illicit financial flows recently as world leaders discussed possible measures to combat corruption.

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