The Raw Data

Data Analysis by Amy Guy, Friedrich Lindenberg, Lion Summerbell

The database below contains nearly 17,000 payments made to and from the four core UK-registered companies that made up the Azerbaijani Laundromat. Their bank accounts were held at the Estonian branch of Danske Bank and were obtained by Berlinske, an OCCRP partner. They cover the period form June 2012 until the end of 2014.

The records provide a rare snapshot of where the money came from, where it went, who was involved and how it was spent. Not all details can be clearly seen, but the overall picture is crystal clear.

The stories in the Azerbaijani Laundromat investigation are based in part on this data. OCCRP is sharing the full database here so that readers can do their own searches.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the database may contain legitimate business transactions, and that the presence of any name in this dataset does not necessarily imply any intentional wrongdoing.

If you have any questions or interesting findings, please reach out to OCCRP at

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