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Mayfair Investcorp Ltd


Mayfair Investcorp Ltd. received $1,616,672.86 from LCM Alliance in 2012. Incorporated in 2006, Mayfair Investcorp is an offshore company registered in Cyprus. Its director, Eurotrade Nominees Ltd., is a company in the British Virgin Islands linked to at least 30 other companies.

In 2007, Mayfair Investcorp purchased a 31.56 percent stake in the Hungarian petrochemical firm Tiszai Vegyi Kombinát (TVK) for an undisclosed amount from the investment fund Vienna Capital Partners (VCP). Mayfair then resold its stake to MOL Petrochemicals Ltd., another Hungarian petrochemical firm that was already the main shareholder of TVK.

Konrád Siegler, the lawyer who represented Mayfair Investcorp in the acquisition and sale, told OCCRP he was not in a position to comment on the owners of the company.