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Biloxi Global Inc.


Biloxi Global received $3.06 million from Hilux Services in 2013 for services. Over the course of 2014, Biloxi then sent $882,000 back to Hilux as reimbursements for cancelled services.

Biloxi is an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands. Between 2014 and 2015, it was listed as a director of the UK company called Euroilgas Industries PLC. Other former directors of Euroilgas include an Azerbaijani citizen named Sabina Taghiyeva and a French national named Khagani Bashirov, who lives in Luxembourg but whose correspondence address is in London.

Bashirov, an Azeri businessman, was named in an investigation by OCCRP-partner Khadija Ismayilova about the disappearance of $109 million from the International Bank of Azerbaijan.

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