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AME Holding S.R.O.

Azerbaijani officials and families

AME Holding S.R.O. received $1,249,000 from Metastar Invest in July and August 2013 for construction equipment.

Ali Nagiyev’s sons, Ilham and Ilgar, controlled Czech-based AME Holding through Nettle Stone Investments Ltd., a company registered in the British Virgin Islands. The company has launched a major reconstruction of the heritage Hotel Palace Europa in Marianské Lazně, although the project has sought extended deadlines since the 2014 fall in oil prices. Other companies connected to AME include Angels Collection S.R.O., which was partly merged with AME.

After reporters for OCCRP sought comment from the Nagiyevs, they were contacted by another Azerbaijani journalist who asked for a meeting “to discuss how to stop the article.” He said he was acting at the Nagiyevs’ request.